March 27, 2019

Palm Beach Central High School dedicated their softball field in memory of Briana Marie Cox.

The Briana Marie Cox Foundation is proud to announce that Palm Beach Central Broncos High School named their softball field: The Briana Marie Cox Memorial Softball Field.

What a wonderful honor for Briana’s alma mater to dedicate their field. The Briana Marie Cox Foundation thanks Palm Beach Central High School as they remember Briana and the legacy she continues to leave! 

On behalf of Briana’s mother, I am grateful and stand in awe! From the inception of PBC, Briana started high school and was the starting 2nd baseman for the varsity team. 

We thank Corrie Boggess – PBC’s head coach and the PBCHS staff who has played a vital role in orchestrating this special honor!

Posted by Barbara Gaidosh on Wednesday, February 27, 2019