How We Help

The Foundation serves the community, especially families who are trying to heal from the loss of a loved one and are in need of hope when they need it the most.  Specifically, we assist those dealing with the loss of a loved one by sponsoring group counseling, providing money for funeral and related expenses, and awarding of college scholarships to deserving high school seniors who demonstrate perseverance after the loss of a parent or sibling.  We humbly ask for your assistance with the Foundation’s goals by pledging your support.  Since the Briana Marie Cox Foundation was founded in 2008, it has lived up to its motto of…

Giving Hope When It Is Needed The Most...

by giving in these ways:

scholarship  College Scholarship Program:

51 Scholarships totaling $84,400

charity   Gifts to other 501(c)(3) Charities:

25 Gifts totaling $14,601

aid  Aid to Families in Need:

37 Families totaling $67,622

Total of all help: