Briana’s Story

As told by her mother Barbara Brewster Boivin

I have three children, Briana, Brandon, and Becky. Briana however is now in heaven. While on our way home from Alabama from a softball tournament for Becky, Briana passed away, suddenly on July 16th, 2006 in a car accident near the Gainesville area on Interstate 75. My life as I knew it, changed in an instant. This is something no parent, no mother, should have to do; plan a funeral for her child and continue life without her.

This is Briana’s story

Briana started playing softball at the age of 6 years old and had a passion for two things: God and softball. She was privileged enough to be on the same travel team for ten years. She was also honored to be the first varsity second baseman ever for the Palm Beach Central High School Broncos softball team. Briana developed character during her 17 years of life and became a role model for us. She persevered even when the going became tough for her and most of all she valued people and her relationships with others.

Briana was blessed with a unique character. She was warm, friendly, outgoing, and yet had a humble way about herself. She was a leader, an encourager and a loyal friend. She was different because of the choices she made. She, like many others had to balance school work, softball, and of course, social time. She did this and much more! She was sweet natured, fun loving and beautiful both inside and out. She had a contagious smile and her infectious ways pulled people toward her.

Briana overcame many obstacles. She was not born with natural softball talent but she practiced and practiced, investing time and energy between team practices and games, to improve her playing skills. She never settled thinking it was good enough to be average; she worked hard and endured whatever was necessary to accomplish her dreams. When she was in a hitting slump, she turned her game over to God. She began praying and asked others to pray for her. Suddenly not only was she added back to the lineup, but she became fourth batter – the cleanup hitter. Players on the field would see her come up, see her small body frame, and they would move in on her, only for her to rip the ball over their heads. You see, Briana may have had a small frame but she often exceeded the other team’s expectations. Many times she was asked, what had she done to start hitting the ball but she gave all the glory to God! Briana told me countless times “Mom, God so Blessed Me!”

Briana valued not only close friends and family but she also cared about other people’s feelings. She gave encouraging words when an error was made on the field. When others were down on themselves she would speak words of inspiration.

Briana, impacted many lives including mine. 
She is my daughter and I will love her always and forever! 
Briana’s love for God, Family, and Softball is the inspiration for the 
Briana Marie Cox Foundation.

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